Permanent Rentals, what makes us the best choice.


Often the missing link between a good Property Manager and the Landlord is communication. We like to keep you informed. From listing your property to finding a suitable tenant, to routine inspections. You will always be kept up to date on the status of your investment property.


Finding the right tenant for your property is imperative. All prospective tenants are required to submit an application form with former rental & job references. We will then phone or email all the job and personal references plus check them on the NTD (National Tenant Database ) database therefore minimising  any risk to your investment.  The final step will be contacting you to discuss the application. You will always have the final say on the approval of an application. It is vitally important to select the right tenant from the beginning to minimise problems during the tenancy.


You deserve the best when engaging us as your Property Manager. We provide regular routine inspections on your investment property which you will have the choice to attend, however if not, be assured you will always receive a phone call  and email to discuss the status of your property and also to notify you of any urgent or future maintenance repairs that may need your attention.  Routine Inspections are conducted each six months.


You can feel comfortable in knowing that only qualified tradesmen are used to carry out any necessary maintenance on your property. If you like we can use tradesmen of your choice. Please be informed that we will always contact you for your authority when notified of any maintenance issues. Properties must be maintained at a high standard to ensure the safety of the tenants. Electrical wiring, plumbing, smoke alarms, window and door locks and essential services such as cooking, heating and laundry appliances will be maintained. Detailed photographs and detailed condition Reports are conducted prior to and at the end of each tenancy.